Custom Artwork

The Commission Process is communicated through email. Payment is through Paypal at this time.

Digital Paintings are priced per square inch at $0.40.
Acrylic Paintings are:

11x14in Multimedia Paper - $40
11x14in Hot Press Watercolor Paper - $60
12x16in Hot Press Watercolor Paper - $75
16x20in Hot Press Watercolor Paper - $90
11x14in 3/4" Stretched Canvas - $60
11x14in 1-3/8" Stretched Canvas - $70
12x16in 3/4" Stretched Canvas - $75
16x20in 3/4 Stretched Canvas - $90
16x20in 1-3/8" Stretched Canvas - $110
+ $19.76 for shipping

Half is required at the beginning for materials and not refundable. The other half is due at finish before shipping. All prices are without frames. Paintings on wood will have the cost of the wood used added to the price. If you would like a specialized canvas, let me know and I'll send you a price.

Commissions may take 2 weeks to 2 months to complete depending on complexity, supplies at hand, and commission slots availiable.

Sketches and Drawings are priced on size and detail.

A few things to consider when working with the initial sketch designs for Commissioned paintings: Please state what you don't like about the sketch, layout, or color scheme. This will help us work toward a better design. 

Example Commission Painting Process:

Commission Rabbit Portrait

First step: Email any and all information about what you would like with your design and what the design is for! The simple description: "I would like a white rabbit portrait with clovers." 
I respond I would like to work on the proposed commission and I send back a total of 3 sketches of 3 different style rabbits, 3 different styles of clovers, 3 different layouts for clovers, and 3 different framing options.

Step two: The Commissioner agrees to continue through initial stage and pays for the sketch package. They liked the rabbit of sketch 1, the clover style and layout for sketch 3, and the framing of sketch 2.
I send back a sketch including the aspects of all the designs with 3 different flat color schemes.

Step three: The Commissioner looked at the sketch and sent back that they wanted the clovers larger with color scheme 2.
I send a sketch with larger clovers with color scheme 2. The Commissioner has 2 additional revisions included without additional cost if needed.

Step four: After the simple design is confirmed, the painting process starts! Half of the Commission price is required at the start. The rest is paid on completion before receiving full resolution file or physical painting.
I send progress of painting as it builds up until completion. Each progress update allows opportunities for changes.

Step five: The painting is finished and shipped.

Here's a couple examples of progress updates from start to finish.

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Get in Touch

Thanks for submitting!